Recovering Lions,
Restoring Landscapes

Photo: Ken and Michelle Dyball

Learn why lions are in trouble and what we can do to help them recover.
Film narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jenny Nichols / Pongo Media

Lion populations have declined by half in just a quarter century. Their loss signals the loss of the wild in Africa. But, lions can return.

If Africa’s parks and reserves were resourced and managed effectively and the communities around them supported, we could have three to four times the number of lions as we have today.  Lion recovery is within our grasp.

The Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) invests in the most innovative and effective projects across Africa that can recover lions and restore their landscapes. The LRF seeks, assesses, and invests in the best ideas for lion recovery from institutions large or small, with 100% of every dollar donated deployed directly on the ground.