A holistic approach to lion conservation in the Tarangire‐Manyara ecosystem

African People & Wildlife
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Grantee African People & Wildlife
Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
Location Tanzania
Grant Amount $285073
Duration 4 years

Lions in the Tarangire / Manyara system are threatened by two key issues: retaliatory killing as a result of human lion conflict and due to conversion of land around the PAs. Tarangire NP was poorly designed and fails to encompass large-scale seasonal movements of herbivores into adjacent pastoral lands. AP&W were granted funding from the LRF for three activities. a) Monitoring lions using satellite collars (in partnership with Bernard Kissui’s research team) to enable her team of Warriors to warn community members when the lions come close to livestock areas. b) Rangeland management to tackle degradation of the pastoralist lands on which the local communities, livestock and wild herbivores depend. c) Working with communities to establish Customary Certificates of Rights of Occupancy for grazing lands – to prevent conversion of pastoral lands to agriculture. A second grant was issued in 2021, designed to strengthen the range land management efforts, and to further integrate lion monitoring with the efforts of the team of warriors to improve human-lion conflict mitigation efforts.