Campaign to promote conservation across Africa

Jon McCormack
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Grantee Equilibrium Research
Type Campaigns
Location Africa-wide
Grant Amount $81,000
Duration 1 year

Africa is reaching a critical stage; with expanding human populations and increasing demands for land; protected areas and other wildlife areas will soon face enormous pressures to be reallocated for other land uses. Equilibrium Research has proposed a project to collect available data on the multiple revenue streams that accrue to African governments as a result of allocating land for wildlife conservation. Examples of benefits include the revenues and jobs created through tourism, the protection of watersheds, and the provision of other environmental services such as carbon sequestration, and the protection of key elements of nations’ cultural heritages. The Lion Recovery Fund’s grant will enable Equilibrium Research to collate vital information on the value of protected areas and other wilderness areas into an easily digestible format. This data can then be distributed to policy makers and the general public to help influence public discourse and inform decision and policy-making.