Campaign to reduce the demand for bushmeat

Wildlife Crime Prevention
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Grantee Wildlife Crime Prevention
Type Campaigns
Location Zambia
Grant Amount $266,000
Duration 3 years

The illegal bushmeat trade is probably the single greatest threat to wildlife (including lions) in Zambia. Bushmeat poaching has reduced prey populations significantly, even in protected areas. Lions are also killed directly in the wire snares set by poachers to catch ungulates, such as impalas and buffaloes, which lions eat. An increasing proportion of bushmeat poaching is done for commercial trade to urban areas. A recent study on the bushmeat trade in Zambia demonstrated the limited understanding of consumers of bushmeat regarding the impacts of their consumption on wildlife populations, on prospects for tourism in Zambia and thus for job creation. The Wildlife Crime Prevention Project is creating an awareness campaign to educate the public in Zambia about the negative impacts of consuming bushmeat sourced from poachers. Part of their campaign is to educate people of the difference between illegally sourced ‘bushmeat’ and legally and sustainably produced ‘game meat’.

UPDATE: We've issued additional funds to this project in 2018 and again in 2019 to allow WCP to continue this excellent work. The hope is that this project will shortly be scaled up to neighboring Malawi where bushmeat poaching is also a massive threat. Ultimately, it is hoped that this campaign will result in reduced demand for illegal bushmeat and thus fewer poaching incidences.