Conservation planning for Zimbabwe’s most neglected parks

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Grantee Independent Consultant
Type Conservation Planning
Location Chizarira National Park and Chirisa Safari Area, Zimbabwe
Grant Amount $59,000
Duration 1 year

Zimbabwe contains a healthy population of lions. However, there are a number of protected areas in the country which have become gradually depleted of wildlife over recent years, due to the acute funding shortages arising from the economic crisis that has affected the country. Significant potential exists for recovering lion numbers in these areas, and nowhere more so than in Chizarira National Park and Chirisa Safari Area in the north of the country. LRF has supported a process of conservation planning for these two areas involving the wildlife authority and other key stakeholders. This will result in a coordinated plan for rehabilitation of these areas via partnerships between Zimbabwe Parks and conservation NGOs. Once this plan is in place and signed off by the authority, LRF will then request a proposal requesting support for implementation of the plan.