Developing a law enforcement strategy for Kafue National Park

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Grantee Panthera, on behalf of a range of NGOs and the wildlife authority
Type Conservation Planning
Location Zambia
Grant Amount $16,280
Duration 1 year

Kafue National Park and surrounding game management areas represent one of the sites with the greatest potential for recovery for lions on the continent. There has been increasing NGO activity in the ecosystem in recent years to help support the efforts of the wildlife authority to tackle key threats to wildlife such as poaching. Lion numbers in Kafue have become depressed due to bushmeat poaching, which has reduced prey numbers and in some cases resulted in the mortality of lions in snares. In addition, there is concern that lions may be being targeted to some extent by poachers for body parts for the illegal wildlife trade. The LRF provided a grant to support a process of developing a clear law enforcement strategy for Kafue National Park that will maximize the efficiency with which available resources are utilized, and which ensures that stakeholders work together in a coordinated and effective manner.