Development of a unified management plan for the Save Valley Conservancy

Susan McConnell
Grantee Save Valley Conservancy with Dr. Ian Games
Type Conservation Planning
Location Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe
Grant Amount $29,000
Duration 8 months

Save Valley Conservancy contains a sizeable lion population of 200-300 individuals. One of the world’s largest privately owned protected areas, SVC is a major conservation success story, containing notable populations of endangered wild dogs and black rhinos, a large elephant population and significant numbers of lions. However over recent years the area has come under massive pressure due to the Government of Zimbabwe’s land reform programme and associated economic instability in the country. The conservancy is under huge pressure from bushmeat poaching and other threats, and the traditional ranch-based approach to management has not been adequate to control these pressures sufficiently. LRF provided SVC with a grant to develop a plan to implement centralised management, law enforcement and community engagement. This will significantly bolster the prospects of lions being successfully conserved in the area in the long run.