Emergency support for law enforcement in Niassa National Reserve

Keith Begg
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Grantee Niassa Lion Project (in collaboration with ANAC, WCS, Niassa Wilderness, and Chuilexi)
Type Protected Area Management
Location Mozambique
Grant Amount $55,000
Duration 1 year

Niassa is currently experiencing severe pressure on wildlife populations through poaching, illegal mining and illegal logging. Lions are being severely affected by a combination of both bushmeat poaching which reduces the prey available to them and results in direct mortalities of lions in snares. In addition, there is a growing threat of targeted poaching of lions for their body parts for commercial sale. At the same time, elephant numbers in the reserve are plummeting due to intense poaching for ivory. Consequently, there is an urgent need for support to law enforcement in the reserve. A key bottleneck that currently limits the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in the reserve is the lack of effective holding facilities for prisoners in the reserve, or consistently available means of transport to send prisoners to the nearest courtrooms. These bottlenecks will be tackled with a grant from the Lion Recovery Fund to help improve local government facilities at Mecula, the district capital which lies within Niassa Reserve. This project represents an impressive collaboration among multiple stakeholders, including Niassa Lion Project, ANAC (the state wildlife authority), Wildlife Conservation Society, Niassa Wilderness and Chuilexi) to support Mecula District.