Emergency support for law enforcement in Niassa National Reserve

Keith Begg
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Grantee Niassa Lion Project/TRT Conservation
Type Protected Area Management
Location Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique
Grant Amount $211,769
Duration 1.5 years

Lions in Niassa are being severely affected by bushmeat poaching as it results in the reduction of prey available to them as well as in direct mortalities of lions due to snares. LRF funding was provided to tackle a key bottleneck that currently limits the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in the reserve: the lack of a consistent means of transportation to send prisoners to courtrooms. Niassa Carnivore Project applied for funds from the LRF to purchase a vehicle for the wider reserve to fulfil this role. NCP was subsequently awarded a second grant in 2020 which comprised emergency funding to help support the conservation operations of the Niassa Conservation Alliance (which is a partnership among three conservation organizations in the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique (Niassa Lion Project, Luwire, and Chiulexi). Niassa is facing a major budgetary shortfall this year due to reduction in tourism revenues in the reserve. The LRF’s grant will support anti-poaching work like poaching for bushmeat and targeted poaching of lion body parts in Niassa. This landscape has a large, though declining, population of lions. It is critical that this population is adequately protected.