Expanding anti-poaching efforts around Lower Zambezi National Park

Conservation Lower Zambezi
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Grantee Conservation Lower Zambezi
Type Protected Area Management
Location Zambia
Grant Amount $211,570
Duration 3.5 years

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) have long provided support for the management and protection of Lower Zambezi National Park and the adjacent Chiawa GMA. However, due to a shortage of resources, they were not able to provide significant support for the management and protection of the Rufunsa GMA. With a grant from LRF, they will expand their anti-poaching efforts into the Rufunsa area – which is expected to reduce the prevalence of bushmeat poaching and should allow prey populations and ultimately lion populations to increase. This should allow for the incorporation of an additional 1,158 sq. miles in the project area – with significant potential for recovery in lion numbers. In August 2020 and April 2021, LRF issued emergency grants to help CLZ cope with funding shortfalls resulting from the loss of income from the tourism sector due to the COVID crisis.