Flying Operations to monitor and support lion and rhino populations in Zimbabwe

Peter Lindsey
Grantee Flying for Wildlife
Type Protected Area Management
Location Zimbabwe
Grant Amount $10,000
Duration 1 year

Flying for Wildlife was created with the purpose of providing free-of-charge aerial assistance to conservation organizations working on the ground in Zimbabwe. They have operated for five years and have flown around 1,000 hours in support of conservation during that time. Aerial surveillance is critical for identifying human threats such as poachers camps, illegal livestock incursions and illegal mining in protected areas. This year, COVID-19 has resulted in both reduced funding for conservation and reduced ‘presence’ in parks due to the lack of tourism, providing poachers with freer rein to operate. Flying for Wildlife received a grant from both the RRF and the LRF to aid in their flying operations across Zimbabwe, which is essential for patrolling rhino and lion landscapes.