Helping Zimbabwe with their national lion conservation planning process

Steve Alexander
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Grantee Independent Consultant
Type Conservation Planning
Location Zimbabwe
Grant Amount $8,000
Duration 3 months

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has requested support for their national lion conservation planning process. Funds have been requested to support a process to revise the current national lion management plan. The management plan will be revised in conjunction with key stakeholders and experts in the country via a participatory workshop process. The purpose of revising the plan is to outline procedures, protocols and priorities for issues such as: human-lion conflict; reintroductions of lions; the steps needed to improve the conservation status of lions in the country; research priorities for lions; standardised nation-wide monitoring protocols. The management plan will feed directly into the conservation and management of lions in the country. Ultimately, this process has potential to catalyse conservation efforts in the parts of the country with potential for lion recovery, while ensuring continued protection for the species in strongholds.