Improving Connectivity between Amboseli and Maasai Mara ecosystems

Peter Lindsey
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Grantee Soralo
Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
Location Southern rangelands of Kenya
Grant Amount $448,070
Duration 4 years

This project is focused on securing and improving connectivity for lions in the rangelands that occur between the Maasai Mara and the Amboseli ecosystems. Working with five sub-divided group ranches, SORALO aim to help them to secure safe spaces and pathways of tolerance for lions by (i) protecting lion habitat and prey populations, (ii) monitoring lion movement, (iii) responding to and preventing human-lion conflict, (iv) initiating dialogue that will lead to the development of conservation and land use plans that will facilitate coexistence. A second grant was issued to help SORALO strengthen community governance and management over natural resources and to develop conservation management plans for community lands. A third grant was issued in 2020 to provide emergency support to SORALO who are experiencing severe budget shortages as a result of the COVID-crisis. In June 2021 LRF provided an additional grant to provide continued support for the project over the next 2 years. This funding will help to secure existing lion populations in the landscape and to create conditions conducive for lion recovery in areas with significant conservation potential. Ultimately these efforts have potential to help re-establish and protect a lion population that is significant in its own right, and to help secure connectivity between the Mara, Amboseli and northern Tanzania lion populations.