Incentive payments to encourage human-lion coexistence

Incentive payments to encourage human-lion coexistence

Kope Lion
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Grantee KopeLion
Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
Location Tanzania
Grant Amount $329,959
Duration 4 years

Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is a critical site for lion conservation. However, as a multi-use protected area, the NCA is also home to almost 100,000 people, the vast majority of whom are traditional pastoralists who rely almost exclusively on livestock for their livelihood. As a result of human-lion conflict and associated retaliatory killing of lions, lions have disappeared from much of their historical range within the NCA. Since 2011, KopeLion has worked to mitigate Ngorongoro’s human-lion conflict, including through implementation of the Lion Guardians model. KopeLion plan to complement their existing work through the establishment of a lion conservation incentive payment (CIP) program.

Update:  In late 2019, a second grant was issued to KopeLion to strengthen their management team. This was designed to help overcome some of the HR challenges that affect small conservation organizations and increase their capacity to raise funds and effectively implement field conservation. 

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