Incentivizing human-lion coexistence

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Grantee Ruaha Carnivore Project
Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
Location Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Grant Amount $120,000
Duration Three years

Amy Dickman of WildCRU and the Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP) is receiving funding from the LRF for expansion of her community engagement project on the borders of Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. Ruaha is considered to hold one of the most significant lion populations in Africa. RCP’s project aims to reduce human-lion conflict and to reduce both retaliatory and ritual killing of lions. In addition, she is trialling innovative techniques to incentivize co-existence between people and carnivores. For example, LRF funding will help the Ruaha Carnivore Project develop a grid of camera traps used to measure wildlife abundance, which in turn will be used as the basis for performance payments (payments to communities based on the frequency of sightings of lions and their prey) to the communities to incentivize co-existence and protection of lions.