Lion conservation in the Chinko Nature Reserve and the continuous wilderness of eastern Central African Republic

Grantee African Parks
Type Protected Area Management
Location Central African Republic
Grant Amount $1,141,484
Duration 4 years

Eastern Central African Republic (CAR) represents one of the wildest places in Africa. Low human population densities and vast wilderness areas mean that there is significant long term potential for lion conservation. However, in recent years, wildlife and lion populations have been decimated through the activities of transhuman pastoralists. Since 2014, African Parks have been securing a vast block of Wilderness in the Chinko block of eastern CAR. The LRF issued its largest grant to date to help African Parks expand the area under protection and create a massive 50,000 km2 wilderness zone, by working with pastoralists to create transhumance corridors, thus keeping massive areas free of human interference. 

This land is entirely unsettled by people and contains an incredible mixture of forest and savanna wildlife, including lions. Wildlife populations have been devastated over the years by armed nomadic herdsmen from neighboring countries, but the recovery potential is immense. With support from LRF, African Parks is gradually expanding their management presence, and working with herdsmen to create mutually agreed livestock corridors around the wilderness zone to help keep massive areas free of human interference.