Promoting human-lion coexistence through innovative approaches

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Grantee CLAWS
Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
Location Botswana
Grant Amount $196,397
Duration 3 years

CLAWS works in the Wildlife Management Areas north of the Okavango Delta. This area is of key importance to lion conservation, both as a result of housing part of one of the continent’s largest populations, but also as a connectivity pathway with nearby Namibia and Angola. CLAWS works with communities to tackle human-lion conflict and to improve management of livestock to improve the sustainability of grazing, which is important in terms of ensuring that habitat does not become degraded for wildlife. CLAWS requested funding to assist with the collaring of lions to allow for a ‘virtual fence’ – such that communities are warned when lions approach their livestock, and to train herders to improve the protection of livestock. These measures are likely to reduce depredation of livestock and thus retaliatory killing of lions by communities. A second grant was provided to CLAWS in late 2020 to help strengthen the organization, to build indigenous leadership capacity and to support a strategic planning process to focus conservation efforts in the years to come.