Recovering lion populations in Angola’s Luengue-Luiana National Park

Joel Herzog
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Grantee Panthera
Type Protected Area Management
Location Angola
Grant Amount $309,662
Duration 3 years

Panthera have recently secured an agreement with the Angolan government to provide financial and technical support for the management in the vast (30,000 square mile) Luengue-Luiana National Park. There are few places in Africa with greater potential for lion recovery. At present lion numbers are estimated to be as low as 30 individuals, but a park of that size could potentially support thousands of individuals if it was adequately protected and if prey populations were allowed to recover. The LRF provided Panthera with a grant to help them initiate support for anti-poaching via community scouts, with a view to helping them rehabilitate an extremely depleted park. Two follow up grants were then issued.

The first to provide financial and technical support to the efforts of the wildlife authority in the park (to complement law enforcement using community scouts). Secondly, a grant to help Panthera overcome a major logistical bottleneck: the park is characterized by extremely heavy Kalahari sands making the delivery of goods challenging. We provided funds to allow for the purchase of a 4x4 truck that will enable Panthera to effectively bring in supplies to support their work with communities and the wildlife authority.