Rehabilitating the protected areas around Lake Tanganyika

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Grantee Frankfurt Zoological Society
Type Protected Area Management
Location Northern Zambia
Grant Amount $264,720
Duration 3 years

Phase 1: The Lion Recovery Fund provided a grant to Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)in 2017 to enable them to provide support to Zambia’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DNPW) for the management of the vast complex of protected areas around Lake Tanganyika in the far north of the country. A core part of the LRF’s strategy is to catalyse conservation support in under-resourced protected areas. Over the years, Nsumbu National Park and surrounds have become gradually depleted by poachers searching for bushmeat. As their prey has become scarcer lion numbers gradually declined and are now close to local extinction in the area. However, the area has enormous potential for recovery and the FZS / DPNW partnership offers hope that the landscape will once again be home to a large lion population

Phase 2: FZS had incredible success bringing bushmeat poaching under control with their 2017 funds. In 2019, they are moving onto the next stage, which includes ecological restoration with wildlife reintroductions. FZS will reintroduce zebra and buffalo in order to build healthy prey populations as a prelude to reintroducing lions in 2-3 years. The LRF is supporting the prey population reintroductions, as well as funding their work to strengthen de-snaring activities and to introduce more rigorous ecological monitoring.  

Phase 3: A third grant was issued to provide support for critical operations in light of a budget deficit arising as a result of the COVID-crisis. Emergency funds were provided to FZS’s operations in Nsumbu and North Luangwa in that grant.