Scout and de-snaring support for lion survival

(c) Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust
Grantee Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust
Type Protected Area Management
Location Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Grant Amount $45,000
Duration 1 year

The Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU) undertakes anti-poaching across an area of 550 km2 of Zambezi National Park and the adjacent Matetsi Safari Area. VFAPU are currently facing twin challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. They traditionally rely on donations from the tourism industry to operate, and with the cessation of international travel 80-90% of VFAPUs funds have dried up. At the same time they have experienced a massive spike in snaring as poverty drives local people to bushmeat poaching for subsistence and income. This has hit the lions hard and resulted in six individuals being killed in snares in recent months. The LRG stepped in and provided VFAPU with $45,000 in emergency funding with an additional $25,000 match that will be released if they can raise an equivalent amount from other sources. It is hoped that this match will stimulate donations from local businesses. These funds will enable VFAPU to continue operating during this period of crisis.