Securing core areas of Kafue National Park by tackling poaching

Musekese Conservation
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Grantee Musekese Conservation
Type Protected Area Management
Location Zambia
Grant Amount $300,000
Duration 4 years

Musekese Conservation is a not-for-profit conservation initiative of a small tourism outfit, Jeffrey & McKeith Safaris, based in Kafue NP. Musekese partnered with Panthera – whose objective is to develop a series of 5 intensive protection zones (IPZ) in areas of high tourism value, high value for carnivores, and high value for tourism in the park. Musekese is working with Panthera to set up a second IPZ in northern Kafue to tackle the threat posed by bushmeat poaching. Lions in the area are greatly suppressed by the reduction in densities of prey that has occurred due to bushmeat poaching. Support for anti-poaching is the most direct means of tackling that threat. The LRF has provided three grants to Musekese to help them build and strengthen anti-poaching presence. With our support, they are now able to deploy three anti-poaching units and deploy an aeroplane for aerial surveillance, which is critical to help secure the vast landscape from poaching. In early 2021, LRF provided a fourth grant to Musekese that will enable them to expand their teams to six, providing an ever intensifying level of protection for lions and their prey. 

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