Securing high value areas for large carnivores in Kafue National Park

Milan Vinks
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Grantee Panthera
Type Protected Area Management
Location Zambia
Grant Amount $55,000
Duration 1 year

Panthera recently secured an agreement with the Zambian government to provide financial and technical support for law enforcement in Kafue National Park. At 8,600 square miles the park is roughly the size of Belize and is part of a 25,600 square mile complex of protected areas. Lion numbers in the park are low due to high levels of poaching of their prey for bushmeat. Panthera, in conjunction with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, has developed a strategic plan to gradually scale up support for law enforcement in the park, focusing on areas of highest value for carnivores, with the greatest poaching threat, and of the greatest value for tourism. The Lion Recovery Fund’s grant will enable Panthera to sufficiently compensate the community scouts who will support the efforts of the existing government scout force. Kafue National Park could one day potentially hold hundreds more lions than the current population given adequate protection.