Securing predator hotspots in the Kafue ecosystem

Egil Droge
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Grantee Game Rangers International
Type Protected Area Management
Location Kafue National Park, Zambia
Grant Amount $128,410
Duration 3 years

Game Rangers International (GRI) provides support to law enforcement in the Game Management Areas (GMAs) to the east of Kafue National Park. The Kafue ecosystem is vast – more than 25,000 square miles with enormous potential for lion conservation. However, it is severely impacted by bushmeat poaching resulting in lions being far below their potential carrying capacity in the area. LRF provided a grant to GRI to help deploy a team of rangers in the Nkala GMA on the eastern side of Kafue National Park. Nkala GMA is important for tourism efforts and has a high concentration of predators including lions. Thus keeping that area safe is significant on multiple levels.