Using Dog Tracking Units to Curb Zambia's Big Cat and Bushmeat Trade

Grantee Wildlife Crime Prevention
Type Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade
Location Zambia
Grant Amount $107,642
Duration 1 year

Wildlife Crime Prevention (WCP) with collaboration from Conservation Lower Zambezi is requesting funding to use sniffer dogs on the major arterial roads that enter the capital city, Luskaka. These dogs will be deployed at roadblocks along the major highways—with the assistance of intelligence that will help to increase the odds of intercepting contraband. The dogs will be trained to seek out wildlife products and this deployment will have particular value for lion conservation by helping to reduce the traffic of bushmeat and big cat body parts, sourced from poaching the country’s protected areas. This project will complement the existing grant that is in place for WCP for a national campaign to reduce demand for illegal bushmeat.