African Parks Receives Attention for Their Work in Chad

Kyle de Nobrega

The President of Chad recently visited Zakouma National Park and was really impressed by the work being done by African Parks, a LRF grantee. He encouraged Chadians to visit the park, which is important as developing domestic tourism is critical to increasing the resilience of tourism revenues.

The LRF is supporting a combination of lion research and law enforcement in Chad. This research is designed to identify the factors that are limiting lion population growth. For example, if it is found that lions are being killed as a result of moving out of the park in the wet season, African Parks will be able to respond to this by engaging communities in those areas and increasing protection. The study has already discovered that there are more lions than previously thought in the driest parts of Zakouma.

Read more about the work that African Parks is doing with lions in Zakouma here.