Dr. Peter Lindsey Talks Lion Conservation with Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safaris

By Kaitlin Tillet

Lion populations have been halved over the last 25 years by habitat loss, poaching, the illegal wildlife trade, and human-lion conflict. Dr. Peter Lindsey, Director of the LRF, delves into the issues facing lions with Wilderness Safaris' Group Sustainability Manager, Dr. Neil Midlane. 

Lindsey explains how as recently as ten years ago, conservationists realized how seriously lion populations were being threatened and mobilized to reverse the decline. Since lions are portrayed as formidable so often in mainstream media, Lindsey says "the general public at large still hasn’t caught on how serious the problem is."

The LRF's Lionscape Coalition was created to help change this. Bringing together Africa's top ecotourism operators, founding members like Wilderness Safaris educate their clients to bring awareness to the conservation crisis that lions are facing. Lionscape Coalition members take leadership positions by supporting on-the-ground conservation work and encouraging clients to support the future of lions.

Now as COVID-19 has stopped the tourism industry in its tracks, our partners are adapting to today's challenges and finding new ways to connect their clients to conservation. Watch the video below to learn more about Wilderness Safaris' work during these unprecedented times.